Find Out Why More Homeowners Are Replacing Their Old Door Cams For This $39.99 Alternative

Updated 25/04/20249 min read

Special Editorial by Antony Chiesa Updated 25/04/20249 min read

Is Your Home Really Safe?

Like a lot of other folks, I thought I was safe in my home. A man’s kingdom is his castle, after all. But with more and more crimes happening in and around residential areas, you can never be too sure. I learned this the hard way when, late last year, our home was broken into. I thought we’d done everything right; we picked a safe neighborhood for our first home, we locked the door every night, and we even got one of those doorbell cameras. Still, it wasn’t enough.

After the break-in, it took months to regain my sense of safety in my own home, and I spent sleepless, anxiety-ridden nights trying to find a solution that would finally put my—and my family’s—minds at peace. Luckily, I found the PixieLens Pro. Installing it in my home made so much sense, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. But what exactly is the PixieLens Pro, and how did it restore my sense of security at home? Let me introduce you to the best $39.99 I ever spent on my family.

Total Home Surveillance

PixieLens Pro is the cutting-edge of home security technology, a mini wireless camera designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Its ultra-small size makes it the tiniest WiFi camera in its class, meaning you can place it anywhere in your home without it being too conspicuous. This lets you use it for virtually everything, like home security, a nanny cam, baby monitor, car camera, pet camera, air action camera. Basically anything you can think of.

The best feature by far is the live video streaming remotely from anywhere in the world through its dedicated app on your phone. Now I can monitor all parts of my house to see how my family is doing and know that they’re safe, even when I’m out of town.

Home Security,

Setting up PixieLens Pro is dead simple. Once configured with your router’s WiFi, the camera seamlessly connects to your iPhone or Android phone. This allows you to view live video remotely, ensuring you are always in the loop. Its compact size makes it hard to spot, so guests never feel like they’re being watched and would-be burglars never know they’re on camera.

The intelligent motion detection feature with customizable sensitivity means I don’t have to monitor it all the time because it’s always doing the work for me. Plus, it smart tracks moving objects and sends immediate notifications if it thinks something seems off. That alone has really put my mind at ease at night.

As if that wasn’t enough, the advanced high-definition lens and infrared LEDs provide up to 27-feet of night vision, so all of the PixieLens Pros installed outside the garage are as clear as day, even in low light conditions.

Small in Size, Big on Features

After over six months of using the PixieLens Pro, I can’t just choose which features I love the most, but here are my favorites. They cover all the reasons I could suggest to get one, and why I think it’s a great addition to your home security:

  • Size and Portability: PixieLens Pro's ultra-small design enables discreet placement, making it easy to hide in corners or inconspicuous locations.
  • Versatility: Whether you need a nanny camera, pet camera, or car camera, PixieLens Pro'smultifunctionality has you covered.
  • HD Video Quality: Captures every detail with the camera's ability to record in 1080p HD, ensuring clear footage.
  • Continuous Operation: The 24/7 loop writing feature allows PixieLens Pro to overwrite the oldest files on the SD card, guaranteeing continuous operation.
  • No Socket Required: Older, outdated door cameras require a light socket to function, but not PixieLens Pro. Place it anywhere you want and you’re good to go.
  • All-in-One Functionality:
    • 150° wide-angle lens for a comprehensive view
    • Built-in magnet for easy placement
    • Playback/snapshot/write-down features for added convenience
    • iOS and Android compatibility for seamless integration
    • Live screen viewing for real-time monitoring
    • Support for multiple cameras or users, ensuring a connected surveillance network

Check Out These Rave Reviews!

  • Awesome Camera

    PixieLens Pro gave us everything we wanted from a security camera, and it saved us a fortune!

    - Anita G.

  • Great peace of mind

    The camera has been very helpful with surveillance. I can check on the house in the middle of the night without getting out of bed.

    - Jasmine L.


    Super convenient, setup takes two minutes, and works like a charm. Can’t really do better than that.

    - Geeno D.

Effective AND Affordable

At an affordable price of just $39.99, the PixieLens Pro offers exceptional value, making advanced surveillance technology accessible to a wide audience. This budget-friendly mini wireless camera not only provides a ton of features, it’s priced well enough that I was able to place multiple of them around my entire whole for complete security coverage.

In a market where security solutions often come with hefty price tags, PixieLens Pro stands out as an affordable yet powerful option, ensuring that users don't have to compromise on the quality of their surveillance needs. With PixieLens Pro, I’ve been able to fortify my security measures at little cost, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an efficient and economical solution for comprehensive monitoring.

Conclusion: Is the PixieLens Pro Worth It?

Without a doubt, PixieLens Pro is the best investment you can make under $40. It’s a worthwhile measure for anyone prioritizing security. The comprehensive surveillance features, ease of use, enhanced security protocols, and versatile applications make it stand out in the market, especially in its affordable price segment. PixieLens Pro ensures that you are always in control, providing peace of mind through seamless and discreet monitoring.

I never thought my family and I would ever recover from having the sanctity of our home broken by strangers, but this simple, effective little device helped me do just that. We now sleep peacefully knowing our house is protected by the very best in home security, and we have PixieLens Pro to thank for that.

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